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The Tales and Fire Emblem series are soo popular. Just how much am I missing out on? :( Never played them so I feel out of the loop. Might start this summer actually, but.. not sure where I should start since I think there are a fair few games in both series. Got any suggestions? :D; Look around the Video Games section and you might just find threads on these series, but if not you can look into making your own. Would be fun to gather all the fans together, right?

But aaanyway, welcome to PokeCommunity! Great to have you here and nice to meet you.

We played tennis in my physical education class just a few weeks ago.. that was fun. It was always a sport I enjoyed so I kind of do wish I went out more to actually try it. Hurts to be lazy, agh. But seeing your post is quite inspiring! I'm more of a swimming type of person, or perhaps jogging, but laziness is definitely the bane of my existence.

And since you're new to forums you might things a little confusing here given the size of the community, so if there's ever anything you need you're more than welcome to private message me or any of the other staff members. We're always willing to help! In fact, the members we have are also pretty willing to point you in the right direction so that's always an option. Just remember to read the rules since they're important! Have a great stay. :)
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