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Oh man, way too many choices, but here it goes:

BUG - Scyther. He has an awesome design and is a badass Bug
DARK - Zoroark. Love his ability and his overall look
DRAGON - Zekrom. My all-time favorite legendary, love his typing
ELECTRIC - Electabuzz. Loves him as a Kid and still do!
FIGHTING - Blaziken. My faovrite Starter and the original Fire/Fighting Pokemon!!
FIRE - Houndoom. Looks badass and has a unique typing
FLYING - Gliscor. Awesome and unique typing, great looks
GHOST - Haunter. Best Ghost ever, period.
GRASS - Ludicolo. Aka, the party and always happy Pokemon!
GROUND - Camerupt. Numel is adorable, Camerupt can dish out
ICE - Mamoswine. Love his Stone Age looks
NORMAL - Snorlax. Do i need a reason?
POISON - Drapion. He is a Scorpion for god's sake!
PSYCHIC - Gallade. Can whoop you in so many ways
ROCK - Crustle. Earth-Crab Power
STEEL - Aggron. Very powerful and great design
WATER - Starmie. Love at first sight, awesome in battle

~ Anything for my Nakama ~
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