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Quote originally posted by LusoTrainer:
Does anyone know how to change trade evolutions to evolutions by level through hex editing on FireRed?
Why do you need to hex edit it? Can't you just use YAPE or PGE?

If you are to the point that you have expanded and shifted everything around so that it won't work with these programs, then you are also advanced enough to compare the coding of it on a clean rom and figure it out.

Off of the top of my head, I can't remember.

Quote originally posted by jackhiggins1388:
im deffently using the right offset . its a fresh rom so the 0x800000 offset should be usable . and even if its not i used free space finder to find one . the problem is that the text box doesn't come up . it doesnt freeze the game its just that nothing happens when clicking the a button
Go into the help menu and click the "About" link or whatever and it will tell you the version. By what you describe, you are using an old XSE where the syntax is different.

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