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Episode 25: "The Tower of Runes! Seeking the song of fire!" (part 4)

"Some adventure this is..." Wendy grumbled as the group arrived on the third floor, which opened into a large cavern-like room. "I haven't even had a chance to use my weapon yet...."

Oh but you will. Ariane's voice assured the group. This floor is a dungeon in itself--if you can brave the traps within, and lay your weapons on Meloetta's Glimmering Baton, it will enchant it so you can face any foe, including Ghost Pokemon.

Just then, a roar startled Wendy, prompting her to draw her blade. "I don't want to know what that is..."

[Angry Rhydon!] Hinata gasped as a large gray reptilian Pokemon lumbered in the room, making the ground shudder with every step. But before the Rhydon could attack, Hinata rammed into it with a Quick Attack, but the attack barely made the earthen behemoth move.

[Look out!] Tenku screeched as she watched the Rhydon's foot land where Hinata had been standing minutes before, nearly throwing the entire group to the ground.

"Good thing you ran before that Rhydon stomped..." Brock heaved a nervous sigh of relief.

[I do NOT wanna become a Vulpix-cake...] Hinata replied.

[Aren't you guys forgetting something?] Mizuchi interjected, but her voice was barely audible as the room shook with the Rhydon's roars. [I'm a Water type, so I have an advantage over this big ol' windbag!]

"Well, why don't you try to weaken it?" Wendy called, nearly screaming to be heard over the Rhydon.

Mizuchi nodded, than fired a shining rainbow beam at the Rhydon, making it scream in pain at the cold. [It worked!] she reported when the Rhydon winced in pain from the weakening effects of the Aurora Beam.

"Thanks!" Wendy called before yelling at the Rhydon "You wanna piece of me, big shot? Come and get it!" She then dashed up to the Rhydon and slashed it in the leg, making the room rumble with another roar of pain.

Terra, meanwhile, flung some of the dust on the floor in the Rhydon's face. [Take that, you bully!]

"Take this, too!" Tenku heard the whistle of one of Brock's arrows flying and impacting one of the Rhydon's stubby fingers.

"Great shot!" Wendy smiled at Brock.

[My turn!] Tenku flapped up a large tornado that went flying at the Rhydon, carrying it high into the air.

"Brace yourself...." Brock cautioned, only wincing when the Rhydon landed on the floor with a huge thud some seconds later.

[Heads up, Mr. Rhydon!] Mizuchi called seconds before a large wave crashed on top of the Rhydon.

[Talk about hanging ten...] Raku mused as he, Emi, and Satomi watched the battle raging feet away from them.

[To be fair, splashing him with Surf seemed like a great idea!] Emi noted as the Rhydon tried to get up, which was made even harder by the Surf turning most of the floor into mud.

[Now to confuse this big guy...] Hinata fired a bright teal beam at the Rhydon, making it stumble about the room.

"Let's give it all we've got!" Wendy led the charge and slashed the Rhydon in the other leg.

[See the sword, be the sword...] Terra mused as she danced about the floor, making a red aura shaped like swords appear around the group.

[Thank you, Terra.] Hinata smiled. With that, she unleashed a Flamethrower at the Rhydon, making it fall in some charred mud with a SPLOTCH!

Wendy noticed the Rhydon struggling to get up. Maybe if I jump slashed it.... With that, she ran towards the Rhydon and jumped, delivering a large gash to one arm on the way down.

"Terra...try digging underneath the Rhydon." Brock suggested. Terra nodded, and wasted no time digging a hole in the floor.

[Round and round you go in this trial by fire!] Hinata screeched as she surrounded the Rhydon in a tornado of flames.

"Fire Spin--there's an idea..." Wendy mused.

Suddenly, the Rhydon eased itself into all fours position, then rapidly barreled at the group, making a large gash in the wall as everyone scrambled out of the way. "We forgot that Rhydon knows Rapid Spin...." Brock wheezed as he assessed Hinata and Terra, who had been sent flying by the force of the Rapid Spin.

[Shoot at it before it can attack again!] Satomi screeched.

Brock nodded, readied an arrow, and fired at the Rhydon's horn--the Rhydon's most sensitive location. That bought Hinata time to unleash another Flamethrower, Mizuchi to use some of the mud on the floor in a Muddy Water attack, and Tenku to dive bomb it with Aerial Ace. But it was Terra that delievered the final blow some moments later, when she surfaced beneath the Rhydon and sent it flying in a tower of earth.

[Good riddance...] Mizuchi muttered as the Rhydon landed on the ground some seconds later, swirly eyed.

Wendy just sheathed her blade. "Great fighting, everyone...."

"And you did great yourself." Brock replied as he motioned for the group to follow him. "Rory taught you very well."

The world will be saved by four heroes with a song in their hearts....

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