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Originally Posted by Gigal1 View Post
Hi everyone, i was just wondering if you guys could help me with this problem i've been having. I use vbalink to battle with my friends over hamachi and we've recently started playing pokemon rom hacks(3rd gen) and we tried 2 so far, the first being Pokemon light platinum and pokemon flora sky. We wanted to battle and trade with light platinum but there was no trade center. We tried flora sky and we get really close but everytime one of my friends join a room the game restarts on us both.
Does anyone have any clue why this happens? And can it be fixed..thanks.
Well the problem with hacks is only a few amount of people want to trade using it. Although trading is not that much done in rom hacks and as for that the script might be bugged and you might have to copy the real script from the original game. Although most of the time those aren't touched and just left there and became buggy from time to time for an unknown reason. :/

In short I don't think it can be fixed.