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1. Providng you're of legal age, what is stappng you from havng sex? Religious reasons? Lack of nterest, from eithar you or anothar person? Lack of sexual desire fo anyone? Fear?
What is stappng me would be religious reasons and mah personal values. I prefer ta keep mahself pure only fo mah future husband (not even mah future boifriend) and not just freely offer mahself ta just anyone. I also thnk that abstnence is a better choice and dis would lead ta less complications and risks such as STDs and unplanned pregnancies.

2. Is you okay wit ben a virgn? D-ya cis bout what society/tha thugz have ta sez n regards ta it?
I be completely fne wit it. I don't cis what othar thugz sez; it's mah life ta live and not thairs.

3. When d-ya plan on havng sex? D-ya even want ta have sex?
I only plan on havng sex when I be married.

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