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Katherine Valenzuela | Valedora
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Country: Mexico (Take that, USA!)
Status: Player
Theme: Jushure Iburu Purerra / Douse Shinundakara
Appearance: We should first begin by describing her in a nutshell. Her skin. Peachy toned, but slightly tanned. So slightly, in fact, t is very hard to notice it at all. Her hair is blonde, and I mean, it naturally IS blond. I know, you’re not the first one to be shocked at that. Trust me, you’re not. She hates ponytails and the only accessory she’ll ever admit in her air is a black headband she’s always wearing. This headband allows her hair to roam freely across her forehead a la tuft while still keeping it somewhat in place.

Her eyes are naturally of a clear blue. However, they seem of a bright red due to the contact lenses she’s currently wearing. And believe me when I’m telling you; she spent quite the amount of time looking for the correct lenses that could mix and give her this tone of red.

In her arms you’ll se a black wristband of sorts that begins and ends with a golden stripe. Why? Because her wrists are cold but her shoulders are not! I mean, come on! We’ve all felt those weird body temperatures at least once… Right? …RighT?

She sports a black blouse, golden stripes as well. It, however, doesn’t cover her shoulders, for the sake of not being a stereotype of fashion… Or so she likes to think. Her jeans are of a light brown and they too seem to possess golden stripes. Finally, and as if to wear an iconic clothe of décor, she wears a black cape… Yes, you read right, a cape. Black and stuff. To the previous add a black sledgehammer, and a purse of sorts of a deep brown. Now you’ve pictured Kat in an appropriate way.

At first glance per the picture previously provided, you may say she’s got the hots for odd looks. Yes and no. She dresses oddly, but her current attire is both a mixture of Real-Life and In-Game clothing.

Personality: Up-beat is the word that describes her the best. She is a cheerful young lady with a love for cats. Although she has no cat at all… Nevertheless, that doesn’t hold her being an animal person. If she had a cat, she’d certainly call him/her Dusty. Just because.

She never keeps stuff a secret from others and is terrible keeping stuff from others. She loves to know as much from her friends as she possibly can. You may also always see a smile wide spread across her face.

Due to her cheerful nature, it is near impossible to make her feel bad about something. Not even bad about herself. Her self-esteem is over nyanthousand!

Oblivious and often lost within her thoughts. She may be doing something, anything, and within a matter of seconds, she will have already forgotten what she’s doing. You may refer to this as a constant loss of memory. But she doesn’t really care for that. Chances are, in facet, that she may have already forgotten about that.

Quite a lunatic if so you may say. She’s a very creative person and has an incredibly active mind. Her ideas tend to be inventive and overall… strange. She draws inspiration from nearly everything. Be it a beautiful landscape or just a squirrel. You’d be surprised by the amount of squirrels she’s drawn so far… Speaking about drawings, she keeps a notebook filled with tons and tons of squirrel drawings. She likes squirrels that much.

Love for squirrels aside, she tends to favor animals over people. If she had to choose between saving a regular guy or a tiny dog from a train in movement, she’d save the latter. At thus, if she were to see you threatening a poor animal’s life in any way (i.e. kicking, yelling, yada, yada, yada), then you’d never see the light again.

Not precisely violent, but not a weakling, either. She’d just rather save her strengths for scenarios in which it’s actually necessary for her to go all Brutus Maximus. That said, if she were to go berserk… you wouldn’t even recognize her. It’s like she’d just exploded with the force of ten thousand bombs… twice.

An oddball to no end. So what? It’s not her fault that YOU are regular as folk. She tries not to hold grudges at people (or to be mad at them, for that matter), and while she succeeds most of the time, there have been more than one Vincent van der Douches who she can’t help to despise and hope they all burn in the fiery fire of hell fire for the rest of eternity and beyond. Such positive words coming from a young and beautiful lady, no?

Due to her family being much of a mystery for her, she has no opinion about her mother or father. I mean, sure, she never heard of them, but that won’t mean they’re bad people, right? Besides, she really has no need for a maternal/parental figure… Her friends are everything she needs and will ever require. That’s why she protects them. They accept her, and they are everything she has. If something were to happen to them, she wouldn’t forgive herself so easily… Especially if she was the cause of the incident.

She is relatively easy to convince, if not a bit hesitant. It takes nothing but a “pwetty pwease” followed by a gazillion hearts if you want her to help you out with anything.

That’s how one can describe her with the smallest, simpler amount of words possible. She is not an easy-t-decipher kind of girl, but only her code has been cracked, she’ll surely remain your friend for years to come.

Oh, yes, I forgot, she stands at 5ft with her weight being little more than 100lbs.
History: Ever since she was young’un, she’s been alone. She never met her parents, and was actually raised by a waitress in a local restaurant. She refused to let her know about her parents every single time she asked. She decided to drop the topic, eventually. A somewhat boring life then proceeded.

But then her “mother” passed out. Heart attack and all. Not long did pass before she was taken by social services…

3 weeks went by. She was fourteen. People at Social Services were beginning to lose hope on her… And then they arrived. A happy, shiny catholic couple decided to take her under their catholic wings of redemption thru repenting.

But this didn’t seem to last for long. First, a burnt bible and going to bed with no dinner. But then, a burnt house. Girl loves fire, y’know? And APPARENTLY, nothing but a house burning down to ashes (merely for the fun of it), is enough reason for her to go back to Social Services…

But that was okay! She only needed herself to thrive thru every single day. That… and random stray cats… Cats were her only company back then. They didn’t judge her for her actions and, actually, seemed to like her no matter what! This made her like them even more. That’s probably why she likes them… dunno for sure.

One long month went by as she satyed n what she would certainly describe as a “hell on Earth”. That’s when they found her. Victor and Chris. Her first guess was that they were brothers. In retrospect, that was a stupid assumption from her part. Because several paperwork later, she was now the daughter of two… How did she call them? Oh, yes! “ZOMG! Two gay me, exclamation mark, exclamation mark, exclamation mark, ONE”

And this time, she wasn’t allowed to be near any firesticks or any other potential source of fire… Which is pretty much everything. Such party pooper, am I right? Besides, whatever she decided to come up with, they just absorbed it as a sponge and proceeded to forgive and forget. Need I say she hated this very much?

Burnt bibles? They were Nihilists.
Them not being her parents? They already know that, you silly! Besides, the mother thing doesn’t work when it’s two guys, so…
Awkwardness? They share this trait as well. Leads to some rather EPIC arguments, if I may add.

Nothing was working, and, in fact, she kind of liked these guys already. They only loved her, no matter what. She couldn’t help but feel the same way.

A somewhat dull and boring life soon followed. School, homework, essays and the like. Friends and stuff. This very part of her story really has no contribution or any capabilities of retaining your attention, so, let’s keep going, shall we?

She then became 19. A truly wonderful young lady that couldn’t have been adopted by anyone better! Both her parents decided that they might as well spoil her a bit, for a change. Answer for what exactly could satisfy this purpose? The NerveGear and a VMMORPG that was called “Sword Art Online”.

Her first impression of the games was “ZOMG! IT HAZ SWORDS!” And, much to her delight, her impression seemed to be quite accurate! Addiction soon took over here. The possibilities with so many skills and weaponry… So many mysteries waiting, already there, but not quite.

While it did please her folks to see her so happy, this was soon ruined when IT happened. People from all over around were locked inside the game when the logout button mysteriously disappeared.

Once more, she was separated from those who se loves. Before, she wouldn’t have minded. Now, she needs her parents. She just NEEDS them. Now.

- Musical Instrument [Non-Combat Skill]
- Sprint [Passive Skill]
- Emergency Recovery [Combat Skill]
- One Handed War Hammer [Weapon Skill]
Sword Arts:
Escudo Perpetua: Her hammer glows an intense blue. For exactly 60 seconds, her speed will be greatly enhanced, allowing her to block most enemy attacks, given that no enemy could still outspeed her.

Berserker Smash: Her hammer shines a faded gray. Her speed will decrease drastically. Her hammer’s weight will then increase rather drastically. Her hammer, however, will deal more damage with each hit. Lasts for five hits, unless she’s interrupted mid-strike by an enemy, in which case it will end regardless of how many hits are left.
Level: 08
Code: Link Start. :B

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