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I started a Gunzerker the other day, just to see if my pre-conceived thoughts held any weight. I didn't disappoint myself, because he's horrible. Sure, there might be more to enjoy when I get him past Level 7, but surely they could have formulated a more imaginative skill than dual-wielding guns? Boring. I'll delete it later; waste of my time.

I've advanced a bit further into the storyline with my TVHM Siren; I've killed Bloodwing, fought my way through the Slab camp, and I'm about to start the Opportunity arc. I've also respecced her! No longer am I under the illusion that healing is better than elemental obliteration; I've been able to cruise through most of the story since investing in Cataclysm. Much easier. To boost my survivability, I'm reinvesting into Harmony. By Level 56, I should have access to Scorn once again.

I've found next to nothing. The most recent Purple I picked up was a Storming Trance, which was a huge help through the Highlands... but not so much in Wildlife Preservation (fortunately, I found one of those Maliwan-barrel Tediore Incendiary SMGs that helped me clear it pretty quickly). I've got a blue Skatergun (which was quickly superceded by a Double Loving Pounder I picked up 10 minutes later) and a few blue Dahl sniper rifles (which just suck). Most of my other stuff is green, but they do their jobs pretty well and I've managed to get by.

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