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Originally Posted by droomph View Post
Don't you guys have like separate mods and hstaff discussion forums or something? So yeah, either you guys should snoop in on the conversation, or they can post one little thing saying "okay pay attention guys this is what's going down", and you wouldn't have to PM anyone, and it would mostly be a copy+paste job…
Suggestions, guys. Don't get offended.
Oh damn that's a good idea.. kinda like what we have with the like "small changes" thread in announcements. Something that is locked by h-staff in the mod lounge just giving an announcement to the mods before anything is posted/ done yet to the public maybe?

Maybe that would be a good all-around compromise. Not a discussion, doesnt take much time, but still lets mods know IF they need to know/ it is something that can be shared.

<3 Hope this will help <3
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