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I sighed, tracking this pack of Wyverns was getting old. I had chased them all the ways down to Oerba, and they still eluded me. Still, I already knew this would be harder, all the flying they did made them much more mobile than me. My search led me to the roof of a building, giving me a clear view of plenty of the village. I tightened the strap on my targe, and extended my custom gunblade. Below me were two Wyverns, dancing near the ground. I activated my Grav-Con device and leaped down below. I was able to surprise both of them, and attacked accordingly. I managed to strike only one down in a single blow, the other one dodged my attack.

It bit me in the arm, causing a minor wound, but I immediately struck him with the side of my targe. It recoiled heavily, allowing me to shoot it with my gunblade. The wound on my left arm stung, though I was able to clean and bandage it up easily. "Only three more to go." I said out loud. I was having a pretty fun birthday.
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