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Originally Posted by Lapras* View Post
I had nothing to do while I was sick for two days so I literally just watched FMA:B and I finished itt it was so good we should do like a club rewatch eventually yes y/y

can I just say that riza & roy are really cute even though they're like not actually together

and something slightly amusing that I wanted to share was that the top comment on the final episodes's youtube video was "When Winry said 'men that sit around and no nothing are no fun' I'm sure that hit everybody right in the feels because let's face it we've all been marathoning for days straight" or something of that sort
I totally agree! Ed's way of proposing was also extra cute. Aaand I found Alphonse and May quite adorable so I do wonder what happened with those two. But anyways, I didn't even notice how much taller Ed got over the course of the last few episodes; almost seemed like he randomly shot up to be taller than Winry, haha.
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