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Originally Posted by Derxwna Kapsyla View Post

The Kanto Safari Zone was one of the biggest tourist attractions in Kanto, and the pride of Fuchsia City. Eventually, the Warden packed up and moved it to Johto. Unfortunately, this left the old one to wither. People sometimes visit it, just to wander around. But in the 10 years between RBY and F&P, nobody has maintained it, and it’s been left to nature’s devices.

The Abandoned Kanto Safari Zone plays a plot-critical point in Demo 3 of Faith & Prayer Version. What’s the plot relevance? You’ll just have to wait to find out!
since it is from the original game itself I suppose the map looks fine, and I like the tall grass, but maybe add a few things like fallen trees or something, its just an idea but it looks pretty good like that, maybe some rundown buildings or something like that

Originally Posted by Varion View Post
Vury Big Image

My World Map for a GBC RPG.
I would probably not be a good judge of this considering I don't know the style but I do not like it at all

Originally Posted by Varion View Post
Double post:

Route 1 for pokemon genetics. :I
Personally I do not like the mountain tiles that came with gen three, nor do i like the grass one that is default with essentials, but I guess for lack of tiles its fine, but the map seems really plain, I dont like how you put the ledges along side the corner of the mountain on both sides, have a little ledge, and rocks to block the path, its weird the way you have it
I also don't like the square little area thats almost in the middle of the map that goes directly down from the stairs close to the left side of the map, it looks unnatural
other than that everything just looks plain

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