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Originally Posted by Belldandy View Post
But as I said, I think that if it can be proven that the mother (or father) were irresponsible about the conception, they should be legally obligated to carry to term and then have the option of adoption.
So if a man is irresponsible a woman should have to stay pregnant? What exactly do you mean by "irresponsible?" I'm trying to think of a situation where a man could be irresponsible that doesn't involve some kind of force or deception, but nothing is coming to mind so I can only conclude that it's inhumane to say a woman should be obligated to stay pregnant because of a man's irresponsibility. I mean, if a man takes advantage of a woman who's, say, unable to give consent then it's rape and no woman should be forced to carry a pregnancy caused by a rape.

Originally Posted by Toujours View Post
having sex is not signing a contract in semen
I think this is the best thing I've read in this thread so far. It's pretty evocative and really gets to the heart of the argument over responsibility when it comes to having sex. When people agree to have sex they're agreeing to have sex, not to reproducing or anything else. If a couple talks about having kids and intentionally has sex to reproduce and then later one of them changes their mind then I can see there being a case because both parties agreed to that in the first place.

Any time we do anything with any risk involved we're allowed to take steps to mitigate the negative effects even if something bad happens. So, let's say I play sports and I fall and hurt myself. We don't say "Sorry, you'll just have to live with that laceration because you knew the risks."

Even when we're presented with an opportunity to do something "good" (and I'm not conceding that having babies are always good) we don't have to go through with those either. If there's an injured animal on the road we don't have to help it. We may want to, but it might look dangerous, or we might need to get to work so we don't get fired and be unable to support our families, or we might be driving late at night and be worried about stopping on some seemingly deserted road. Point is, there are mitigating factors.

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