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I hope they do ban it. Either that, or make it so every Pokemon transferred from previous games starts off as an egg or at level 5.

People tend to dislike my for not supporting pokesav/pokegen in online play, but I have always been someone who does competitive battling with Pokemon that I have actually raised myself from scratch. It takes a long time, yes, but hard work should be rewarded, and the problem with pokegen/pokesav pokemon in online battles is that they weren't the products of hard work, and the people using pokesav will generally have an advantage over people who actually breed and raise their pokemon(because it is very very hard to get perfect IV's).

I have not enjoyed online battling as much as I could because of this. If people had to actually put in the effort to make good Pokemon, it would be a lot more fun for me, and good teams would be acknowledged much more.

But that is how I feel.
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