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Quote originally posted by Polymus1:
Name: Polymus 1 (P1)
District: 12
Game: Emerald


named myself P1 as i do for all challenges
got torchic for district 12
saved proffesor
beat May
made my way to 1st gym
beat 1st gym no hassle
evolved torchic
(lv 17)
Quote originally posted by Crescend:
Like the masochist I am, I'm back for some more! After the taste of victory, I now aim for Ultimate!

Name: Crescend
Game(s): FireRed (done), HeartGold, Sapphire, Platinum, Black
Ultimate: Yes
District: 11 (bug/fighting)

Optional rules:
1. No trading (except in-game trades)
2. No 1UPs
3. Not catching duplicates in any circumstances.
4. If a pokemon is not my type but evolves into one, I'm not going to use it in battle before it evolves. Until then, it is strictly an EXP-leech. (Starter's the only exception)
5. Not looking up info on wiki to get unfair advantage. I only look up bulbapedia to see my teammates stats.
6. No restarting a game. If I get completely wiped out, I consider my Ultimate streak lost.
Good luck to both of you! And may the odds be ever in your favor!
Semi-active challenge participant! :D

I formerly owned several challenges, but no longer wish to run them due to other commitments that I must honor first.
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