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Yup, he hasn't posted one in months though. :( But that sounds like an excellent idea. People can volunteer to do 5-10 at a time and post them here. i'd love to do that.

Quote originally posted by Alexial357:
omg this

absolutely killed me xDDDD

Also, AWsquared, no suggestions needed! n_n; Here we can just chat about arts'n'stuffs. For instance, give me a little background on your sig? Last time I checked, comics are still art <3
Quote originally posted by Derozio:
Ahahaha, yeah, hilarious stuff. XD;

And yeah, AWsquared, that art style looks pretty good to me. I'm curious as well. :3

It's from Owl City's new video for their song "Metropolis".

I'm in love with this song right now cause of the video. The artwork is amazing in it and it also has a really good message about standing up to bullying. Adam, mastermind behind Owl City,posted gifs from the video to his blog and I had to use that one as my signature cause it's so cool!

So I've been putting that video on repeat just for the art and it's just a wonderful video too imo.

And yeah I'd considered comics art cause someone spent time working on them and plan and draw out all the visuals and such. Some comics have such incredible art too as well.
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