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Quote originally posted by miltankRancher:
Distance must never be an obstacle to quality education! I have some friends here who are from Mindanao and Visayas. That's far away, but they still decided to go here.

If you ever decided to go to UP, contact me! I'm studying there!

Woah! Have me pass the entrance exam please. :3

Idk, I guess I'll try it out but I missed UPCAT this summer. Phooooooooooo

Quote originally posted by Lady Gunner:
Oooh. I'm also an Incoming Senior and also planning to go to UP too :>

I'm currently studying at the school where shows like Ina Kapatid Anak and Teen Gen do their taping. :>

National University? :/

Quote originally posted by Laugh:
Last school year, I was studying at New Era University in Quezon City as a sixth grader. This June, I'll study at Manila Science High School in Manila as a seventh grader. I'm pretty excited, but everyone around me is going to be so smart that, in comparison, I'm going to look way dumb.

Woah some of my schoolmates from elementary school go there. :3

Did you happen to pass the entrance exam or just happen to get there because of your honors? :3