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I hope I'm in the right section of the forums.

I'm a web developer and along with a few friends, we made an online Pokémon RPG. It's web based, so you wouldn't have to download anything. We're currently on version 1, and we've been updating the website almost everyday.

Here's a quick list of features:
After you get a Pokémon to level 100, you can revolutionize it. By doing so, it reverts back to level 5 and its youngest form. If you use Chrome as a browser, you can add an aura(glow) to your Pokémon's sprite.

Legendary Challenge
After defeating the Elite Four, you can take on a Legendary Challenge. This is no easy feat. You need to defeat a team of legendary Pokémon that are all level 250! You can't train past level 100, but with the right strategy, you can win!

Ruins of Alph
Collect Unowns and trade them in for Pokémon!

Battle System
Visually, it's practically a clone of the 4th gen games.

I guess since I'm still new here, I can't post links or images. Would this interest anybody here?
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