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"The Light of Floccesy Ranch!"
Airdate: 18 May 2013 [USA]


Ash&co end up at Floccesy Ranch. The Ampharos that acts as a sheepdog to the Mareep is very timid and not very powerful, so the Mareep don't listen to it. The owner of the Ranch tells his granddaughter that if Ampharos doesn't shape up, it will have to go. Iris decides to have Dragonite attempt to teach Ampharos Thunder Punch in an effort to strengthen it. In the meantime, Team Rocket decide to capture Mareep.

Filler filler filler. Why are we filling? Could have some more episodes with N in. Or character development. Or training for Pokémon we already know. It wasn't a bad episode really, just not particularly exciting imo.

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