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Originally Posted by GreatTornado View Post
Patrice isn't a tree. However, Patrice is supposedly pronounced "Pah-trees".
Pah-Trece... We've been over this...

Originally Posted by iRyahn View Post
Lol that doesn't confirm anything. It's just the same as any other rumor, you are taking his word for it.

I don't believe in any of these rumors, not the ones on Pokebeach and not the ones here. Especially the ridiculous one where the kid you bullied in the past is now a rival (what a good message!) flipping the 3ds upside down to evolve a pokemon (lol?) horrible names such as Meowstick, etc. I can't believe some people are that gullible.
The rumors about the kid being bullied were confirmed as fake... These new ones with the cease and desist order comes from a guy in close connection to GameFreak... So yes... It's most likely true... I don't know about PokeBeach, but I'm guessing they will both be accurate, to much despise... Think about what GameFreak has done to Pokemon in the past and tell me you still think this is improbable...

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