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Quote originally posted by pokerex:
*Pancham evolves into Pangoro in the early level 30s. In order to evolve Pancham into Pangoro, you need to have one other Dark-type Pokemon in your party. Pangoro's type is Fighting/dark
*A Pokemon named Inkay evolves into Malimar. To evolve it, you have to hold your 3DS upside-down when it levels up (the 3DS has an accelerometer and gyroscope, so it can detect that). Malimar's type is Dark/Psychic.
I actually like this. I think it would be nice to have some new ways of evolving your pokémon, rather than just leveling it up or using a stone or trading it. Also, I like to see the developers using the potentialities of the 3DS.
Quote originally posted by pokerex:
*Even though it shows the player riding on a Gogoat in the new trailer, players can't ride on their own Pokemon. What was shown is just an alternate way of getting around Lumiose City and it only works with Gogoat.
Well, even considering this, I'm happy because it's still a big step forward in pokémon games. Who knows what we will see in the future...
Quote originally posted by pokerex:
*HMs still exist but there's a lot less of them.
I would rather see them being completely replaced by natural abilities, but then again, it's a step forward.
Quote originally posted by pokerex:
*Players will be able to see their Pokemon's EVs (probably through the same in-game facility mentioned in the other post).
I'll certainly find this useful. I just hope we'll be able to access it not too late in the game.
Quote originally posted by pokerex:
*In case you missed our correction the other day, the Starters' final evolutions are Fire/Psychic, Grass/Dark, and Water/Fighting.
I was going to choose Chespin anyway, but I actually like it better this way.
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