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I think this discussion becomes much more productive if we examine it from a societal standpoint rather than on the individual whether we are condemning or condoning anyone's actions. Regardless of whether the behavior is moral is debatable, essentially, we should examine societal gain if we are to either ban, allow, and to which extent regarding abortion practices. The reason why we have personal rights is that it either does not directly affect other people or that those personal rights are for the betterment of society, which must be measured objectively.

We cannot simply state that abortion is wrong in many or most cases because a human could have been brought into the world. If one is to argue against abortion, please demonstrate how abortion, which is elected by the woman bearing the fetus, negatively affects society, and conversely, how banning woman from having abortions positively affects society.

Thus far, I've only heard abortion is wrong because it is immoral, which is essentially a circular argument. Taking little into account of the economic/security repercussions involved with banning abortions, which I explain briefly in a previous post. Essentially, from the statistics on that post, it is clear that the majority of these women are young, single, and indigent, not yet establishing themselves in careers or otherwise. Thus, having a child would likely inhibit the woman from going to college or sustaining long-term employment, and then, we either supplement the costs of childcare through social welfare funding (which increases tax burdens or inflation) or we simply do not assist the woman and child; this would incite riot and violent political dissidence. As a society, it is objectively "moral" to do that which benefits the whole of society best. Thus, it would make most logical moral sense, from this point alone, that our society allow abortions to be employed. That is just one of many statistics and logical arguments to be made for the case in support of abortion.

Can anyone in support of banning/limiting abortions explicate an objectively moral argument? If so, I'd genuinely would like to hear why.
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