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Quote originally posted by Cirno:
New users, hooray hooray! :D Welcome to the community, guys!

Hi Sar! Your avatar is adorable but oh my gosh your signatuuure. Blue Exorcist and Death Note! I love those two shows so you have just earned a ton of brownie points from me. 8)


Aww thanks I'm glad to see I'm not the only BE & DN fan on here.
Gotta love those brownie point, I'm not doing too bad so far for a newbie haha.

Quote originally posted by Charblade111:
Hey Everyone! My name is Charblade or Char, and while I'm mostly here for the emulation/rom hacking, I also am a competitive battler and a spriter. I can't wait to get involved with the community here, because it looks like one of the best.

Hello and welcome. :D Definitely agree with you regarding this forum. See ya round.

Quote originally posted by PwnguinHD:
My name is Pwnguin, I'm pretty active on the Minecraft Forums, where I have almost 3k posts as of right now. A friend introduced me to this and, since I've actually never played pokemon *blush* I'll probably hang around the off topic section.

Heya and welcome. I'm sure you'd become addicted to the Pokemon games if you played one.

Quote originally posted by pokerex:
hello everyone

My name is pokerex i found this forum when i was searching for pokemon x and y speculations a while ago. this really seems to be a great community.

I know i've asked this before but since nobody replied i'm just going to ask it again.
my signature pic doesn't show up when i post something, at least not on my screen. can somebody please help me? ( the signature is supposed to be a pokemon crystal boxart 256x256)


Sorry if I'm stating the obvious but have you laid out the IMG code in the signature box like this:

[IMG]the url address of the picture goes here[/IMG] << All without leaving any spaces.

Oh and ticked the "show your signature" box at the bottom of the signature editing page?
I can't think of why else it wouldn't show up unless the format of the picture isn't compatible with the forum.