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Woahh look at you, champ! Your gallery is really impressive. I'm envious of how effectively you used the greens and oranges in the Rydia tag, my favorite piece of yours. Green is a difficult color to work with, like Dero said. I also really like the Lelouch banner; good choice on the pointy/angular C4d in the background here, fitting for any one of the heavily stylized characters from Code Geass. :P Even the red circles in the background of the Itachi background remind me of blood. Am I over thinking things? Overall, I can tell that you've put a tremendous amount of love and effort into your works. :3

As for how you can improve, I agree that you should play around more in the foreground. Try to blend in the 2D character more with the background. If you want, try using less C4Ds and more 2D/artistic textures.

Be careful when effects overlap the focal. You should erase the effects off the render's face at least, such as in the Rukia and XY girl banners. Also more about the XY girl banner, what happened in the top left corner? It looks a bit fuzzy. The red round C4D there is also sticking out in an odd direction. The POKEMON text isn't necessary either. Feel free to forgo the text on banners. Your text is fine, a lot better than what I can do, but sometimes you don't need to include the character/series name. I wanna see the art more, haha.

While I'd love to make a request and give you a nice anime character to work with, you should also work with human models sometime! Looking forward to future works, hun. :)
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