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Hm... Is it alright if I prepose a moveset for Fennekin under the assumption it is a SPD and SPATK base, and Chespin under the assumption it is ATK and SPATK base? I'll only use moves from the starters move pool that make sense, as well as levels at which they are learned.


lvl 0 Tackle
lvl 0 Growl
lvl 8 Ember
lvl 11 Smokescreen
lvl 14 Quick Attack
lvl 18 Flame Charge
lvl 21 Bite (Ok I took it from the Squirtle line, but it seems to fit)
lvl 26 Flame Burst
lvl 33 Swift
lvl 38 Fire Spin
Lvl 44 Flamethrower
lvl 50 Inferno

And Chespin

lvl 0 Pound
lvl 0 Leer
lvl 7 Absorb
lvl 10 Leech Seed
lvl 13 Growth
lvl 17 Razor Leaf
lvl 21 Sleep Powder
lvl 28 Mega Drain
lvl 34 Slam
lvl 38 Detect (Or Synthesis)
lvl 44 Giga Drain
lvl 49 Leaf storm

Or these proposed movesets decent? I tried to come up with good ones with decent development for the two of them. Hope you like them
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