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Holly Amarosa and Kayla Makihatayama

Holly looked up at Sylvia and tried to smile. She looked down at the ground again. "I don't know what I like to do," she whispered. "I can't remember... These past few years have been nothing but a big blur..." She sighed and gasped when she heard a familiar voice behind her. "Hey there, Holly!" She turned around and frowned she she saw her cousin standing in the doorway of the dorm in her pajamas.

Holly sighed. "Kayla, you should be in bed," she whispered. "You should also be staying off that leg." Kayla pouted. "Why should you get to have all the fun?" she asked, looking at Sylvia. She smiled. "You've made another new friend already?" Kayla asked excitedly. She limped over to Sylvia and held her hand out. "My name's Kayla! You've met my cousin, huh? What do you think of her? What's your name?" She stumbled slightly, but quickly regained her balance. Holly frowned.

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