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Quote originally posted by PokeManiac91:
Game sounds awesome downloading now. One question is Espeon still obtained the same way e.g. max happiness and if its different how do you get it?
It works the same way as originally (since there is really no need changing that to anything else).

You don't even have to evolve your Eevee to Espeon since even if you evolve it to something else, you'll be able to get Espeon by some other means (along with all the other forms of Eevee).
Once you find the first Page in the game, you'll see what I mean.

By the way, I've gotten more stuff done lately, and soon, I should have all the in-game areas finished (even the ones related to all kinds of sidequests). Apart from that, there are some other things that have to be done before beta-testing the hack, and before I can release beta 4.0.
Also, I was planning to make beta 4.0 even "better" than it's going to be, but it's going to take some time, so I'll just release an "update" later on which really won't make the hack that much different (and doesn't involve any more gameplay than 4.0 does either).
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