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Originally Posted by Samurott01 View Post
Ok, how much would my Pignite card be worth? You may think it's just a regular Pignite, but it's actually from the McDonalds promo. I looked on a website for the predicted price, but I wanted some real people's opinions.

Also, I know I'm breaking the rules for listing more than 4 cards at once and listing Common and Uncommon cards, but I have a bunch of Japanese cards that need pricing, and it would just be tedious to list 4 at a time, so here they are.

Commons: 12

Japanese Timburr - BW6 - 034/059
Japanese Petilil - BW6 - 008/059
Japanese Whismur - BW6 - 044/059
Japanese Lotad - BW7 - 017/070
Japanese Zubat - BW7 - 027/070
Japanese Clefairy - BW7 - 051/070
Japanese Relicanth - BW9 - 018/076
Japanese Eelektrik - BW9 - 024/076
Japanese Lairon - BW9 - 049/076
Japanese Staravia - BW8 - 044/051
Japanese Mawile - BW8 - 037/051
Japanese Nidoran(Male) - BW8 - 021/051

Uncommons: 6

Japanese Camerupt - BW6 - 011/059
Japanese Leavanny - BW6 - 007/059
Japanese Monferno - BW7 - 010/070
Japanese Cradily - BW9 - 004/076
Japanese Vaporeon - BW8 - 009/051
Japanese Staraptor - BW8 - 045/051

Rares: 1

Japanese Volcarona - BW9 - 012/076

All of them are in near-mint condition, if not fully mint. If these cards aren't worth anything, then I have nothing good that I own except for the McDonald's promo Pignite.
Japanese cards can be tricky to evaluate. Not having very large sample sizes to go off of on eBay, I can only give estimates based on the rarities: All commons: $0.10 to $0.20. All uncommons: $0.15 to $0.25. Volcarona: $2 to $4.

Originally Posted by NecrumWarrior View Post
I pulled the Secret Rare Charizard from Plasma Storm a while back. I recently found out it was a misprint because it's second attack requires a Fighting Energy rather than a Fire one. I also have heard that the misprint is actually less valuable in this case, and was curious about its value and how big the difference is between it and the fixed version?

Charizard - Plasma Storm - 136/135
Well, it's more common than the fixed one, as it doesn't look like they've really released the fixed one in any print runs yet. The initial rush to buy packs by players in collectors is what determines what cards are readily available, and as the error, if it's even been fixed at all (I've yet to see a fixed version myself), was the version in the set at its release, that's going to be the most common version of the card.

The misprint most commonly fetches between $35 and $45 on eBay, with some outliers on both sides of the range.

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