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Originally Posted by abtwtich View Post
Hello! I am the bug-obsessed-competative-batlling-gaming-musical guy who has a not so great of a background history with gravity. You can call me Twitch for short (yes i messed up my own username ) I have this passion for music that few have, I enjoy it so much that I write and arrange things. I am not the best at all yet and I have plenty of work to do before I can create quality compositions. One thing I am good at however is Pokemon and I've wanted to get in touch with the community more so I thought this was a good place to start since I can connect to other fans of this amazing franchise. I have come up with my own challenge that is very addicting and fun to do. I will post that in another thread sometime soon. It is not like the Nuzlocke challenge in many ways other than the fact that it is a challenge . I plan to collaborate as much as I can, so if anyone wants to work with me on anything, you can message me .

Originally Posted by Anti-001 View Post
Hello everybody, I guess I am considered as a "noob" here, so I will start with an introduction here. I have been playing Pokemon since the original games (Yes, I am that old) and I am finally getting into Black 2. Got it about a month ago, but already loving it and playing online and losing horribly every game. I honestly don't know much about this site, and just figured out how to post messages but hope to be staying here.
Hello there you two, welcome!

Twitch, since you seem to be interested in the challenges why not check out the Challenges section on PC where you can not only create challenges but also participate in existing ones.

And Anti, nice avatar I have to say. I love Twilight Sparkle, she's so cute and did you hear about her becoming an alicorn at the end of the latest season? Nice to see you're playing Black 2, it's one of my personal fave Pokemon games as well! I'll probably be seeing you around the Fifth Generation Gaming section on PC where you'll find some good B2/W2 topics.

Have fun guys and if you ever need a friend I'll be happy to help you out!