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Hey guys,

I haven't been on for way too long! Final year uni and work have kept me busy for the last few months.

I was, as most people end up doing, browsing through random youtube videos when I was procrastinating. In doing that, I came across this:

For those who don't feel like watching, it's a simultaneous playthrough by 4 guys, who are planning on working their way through all the games.

The painful (to me) part about this is that these guys don't have much of an idea of the games, at least compared to most of us on the forums. Hence I had the idea that we could do our own version!

Of course this is going to take a lot of organisation. What's more, we are all in different parts of the world (at least I am, I'm in Australia). So we need to find a time when 4 (good number I think, but I'm open to suggestions) can dedicate an hour or so block to play in. Also, only being able to play a (relatively) short amount of time each block will mean that we are in for a LONG time to complete the game.

Anyway, we can get to particulars later. What I want to know, would there be an interest in doing this? Perhaps combining it with a challenge to make it more interesting?

I'm keen.

EDIT: Also found this

EDIT2: and another!
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