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November 1st, 2012

Justin Evans – En Route to Atlantean Royal Mansion, Boston, England

Justin and Charlie were discharged from the emergency medic station early on in the morning. He was relieved to see Charlie doing better than yesterday, but vowed to himself he would not let her get into that sort of situation again. Her parents soon met them after being discharged with a luggage bag full of clothes for Charlie to take with her. With goodbyes said and done, the two of them boarded a train at the nearby Kings Cross Station and headed northwards bound for Boston.

The train trip took several hours to make, Justin keeping the time by manipulating a piece of wood stored in his pocket from the exploding desk into many different shapes. He felt bad, taking Charlie away from her family like this, but her name had been called, and she needed training. He only hoped that she wouldn’t find living at the Mansion too difficult; quite often the kids assimilated pretty well into the place, but everyone was different.

Once the train pulled into Boston, Justin escorted Charlie to a black BMW with tinted windows: the car Justin had rung ahead to get dropped off for them. Leo had scolded Justin for losing his vehicle in London, not that it was really his fault, but it would still cost several thousand pounds to replace it. Once on the road, Justin started telling Charlie about the mansion, most notably the amount of space they had that he liked to fill with trees.

They were the first to arrive, pulling up around the gravel driveway and into the underground garage. Justin took Charlie to her room first, letting her drop off her bags of clothes and personal belongings before guiding her downstairs and into the dining room where they were beginning to serve lunch. River was the next to arrive nearly an hour after they had, looking rather weary after having come all the way from Latvia.

River Beleren – En Route to Atlantean Royal Mansion, Boston, England

River’s conversation with the worried Minerva continued as the panicked Latvian bundled clothes and personal belongings into any bag she could take with her. River tried calming the woman, the police wouldn’t know where to start, but she figured by her erratic thoughts that she was more concerned that she had killed someone than being caught. Once she had her bags packed though, they were quickly out the door and into the car. River was actually glad that she merely had to confirm that she would be happy to take her with. For the most of it though, River wanted Minerva to gain the control that she herself had, but she was also cautious of the safety of other students.

Luckily for the both of them, the flight to Heathrow and onto Boston was largely uneventful and neither of them had need to use their abilities. River however, had fun mentally running through the minds of the people crowded together on the plane without leaving a trace of her presence.

Pulling into the mansion outside of Boston, River ran Minerva through the same spiel she gave almost every new student she brought to the place; she would take them to the dining room where they would meet up with the other new recruits and promptly go on a tour around the mansion while River took her bags up to her room before heading to take care of some of her duties. Minerva seemed fine by this, but River decided to omit what would follow after, she didn’t want to scare the girl before she could get there.

In the dining room, she found Justin and his new recruit eating lunch, with Justin promptly greeting Minerva before racing over to grab her some generic food for lunch. As she left with Minerva’s bags in tow, she passed Katerina, smiling at Katerina’s sour look and the frightened looking boy she had following her.

Katerina Lukyanenko – En Route to Atlantean Royal Mansion, Boston, England

After Katerina had managed to convince Kim to leave the building for starters, she tried to get his home address out of him, however this was akin to drawing blood from a stone. It took a while, but soon they were on their way to Kim’s house and while he went to pack a bag, Katerina began explaining everything to his parents in hope that they would happily allow him to travel to England to undergo training. To her surprise, they were more than happy that their introverted son had a reason to get out of the house. After even more deliberation, Kim grudgingly said good bye to his parents and joined Katerina in the car before speeding off to the airport.

It took then long enough to get from Stockholm to Boston, Katerina quite tired by the flight, but as soon as they pulled into the garage, she became more relaxed that she was finally home. Taking Kim up to the dining room, she saw that she wasn’t the last to arrive, but still a little later than the others. Justin brought Kim a plate of food for lunch while Katerina took his bags up to his room; one he would find out about soon.

Once the bags had been dropped off, she walked back down, turning left to head towards their quarters. Collapsing onto her bed, she relaxed in the militarily tucked sheets before dozing off, happy she was finally back in her own bed.

Antonia Costa – En Route to Atlantean Royal Mansion, Boston, England

It had been a long, tedious and arduous journey from the bustling streets of New York to the rolling hills and familiar grey skies of the English countryside. The flight that had taken them from JFK was by far the longest, and being stuck in an aircraft with hundreds of other people flying over the wide open ocean was not Antonia’s idea of fun. It was no secret that she had somewhat of a fear of flying, but with Nix and Marilyn by her side, she felt a lot calmer. Marilyn even went to the point of exclaiming that, in the emergency situation of a crash, she would hold the plane in the air long enough for it to reach Heathrow. While Antonia knew this was leagues out of Marilyn’s abilities, she appreciated the attempted to console her. Nix was his usual stone-faced self; the boy seldom saying anything unless it was of absolute important while Austin seemed somewhat taken aback by the sudden upheaval.

From Heathrow, they had taken a connecting flight to Birmingham; the closest bustling city to Boston. Exhausted from the international flight, the three only wished to be within the grounds of the Atlantean Mansion, while Antonia hazard a guess that Austin was probably excited by all the international travel and the prospect of learning to become a fully-fledged Atlantean. She had no doubt in her mind that he would enjoy the Atlantean Mansion with its outside swimming pool, recreation room and indoor basketball court. It felt just like being at boarding school and there were many students she couldn’t wait to see again.

From Birmingham they took a plane that was even smaller, yet were somewhat refreshed by the hotel rooms they had booked while there. Jet-lagged and exhausted, Antonia usually would have freaked out at the sight of the tiny plane taking her through the air, but gripping onto Marilyn tight, she boarded the short flight to Boston that would take them even closer to home.

Once they had finally arrived in Boston, Antonia relished in close proximity they were to the mansion now. In the car park of the airport, sat Nix’s deep blue 1995 Mazda Astina with a couple of tickets sitting beneath the windshield wipers; their final leg home. Antonia hopped into the back seat with Austin while Marilyn and Nix took the front and driver’s seat respectively. As soon as the engine roared into gear, Marilyn hit play on the stereo as Daft Punk blasted out through the car. As their go-to guy, Nix was the one who knew how to drive, pilot and commandeer any type of vehicle with major sufficiency; something both Marilyn and Antonia would pull him up on with regards to his heritage.

“Well Austin, welcome to the Atlantean Royal Mansion,” Marilyn tossed over her shoulder as the Mansion drew into view; a haven in the rolling countryside. Crunching along the gravel driveway, the three of them eagerly waved at other students relaxing on the lawns, fighting or studying. A couple of students who possessed some abilities that gave them flight raced around the spires of the Mansion while Antonia was sure many more were relaxing around back.

Nix pulled into the garage, taking the car down the deceptive ramp that should have been a flat garage into the large, underground room that house many vehicles belonging to various members of the house. Checking his phone, Nix relayed his message to the others, “Guys, Marilyn and I will check in with River upstairs, Antonia, you need to take Austin to the Dining Room.”

“But we had McDonalds back in town, though.”

“Everyone else is there. Justin wants you there too.” Nix simply spoke.

“C’mon Austin,” Antonia grabbed him by the hand, less hurriedly that she had when they were to escape the fake centre. Up the flight of stairs and past the front conservatory, she could hear a couple of voices from the dining room up ahead.

“Antonia, Austin, how nice of you two to join us,” Justin Evans spoke looking a little worse for wear, “please take a seat.”

Justin Evans – Atlantean Royal Mansion, Boston, England

Once Austin and Antonia had seated themselves, Justin continued his small introduction of the mansion. “Welcome, for you all, we are all happy you have chosen to join us here at the mansion. The Atlantean Royal Family has been around since the Atlantean Golden Era many thousands of years ago, as the longest surviving lineage, we have always been around to help those who have come into possession of their Atlantean Heritage to gain control over their abilities. Currently, we have little under a hundred students here at the mansion, all of varying ages and backgrounds and all here studying to become Atlantean. I’ll take you through a quick tour of the mansion before convening back here for questions. Now, if you would all follow me.”

From the dining room, Justin showed the students a brief view of the classrooms where they would study similar subjects to those taught at schools before descending to the open area recreation room and indoor basketball court. Upstairs again, and Justin took them through the two upper floors of rooms, making sure to pass each of the new students’ rooms with their nameplates on them. Each student had a room to themselves with the bathrooms at either end of the halls. Back downstairs, and Justin introduced the outside area with its fountain and foliage, Olympic sized pool and wide expansive field before re-convening in the dining room.

“So, any questions about anything? I bet you are all dying to relax from your trips and meet some new people.” Justin smiled at the group; he would let them enjoy themselves now before he would take them to the Oracle this evening.
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