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Ok I was gonna reply to this earlier but seeing you probably won't look here anymore or reply @Aero I thought nevermind. But as long as you read i'm fine with it. I don't completely disagree with you since alts can be quite confusing especially with the users that change too much. But if you stay on the server more than you'll know how are those people that change alts a lot.

Originally Posted by .Aero View Post
Yes, I want this for my own benefit, but I also want it for a group benefit as well as efficiency and less of a mess. Elf was looking for battles the other day with specific people but didn't know who anyone was for two reasons: 1) He wasn't aware of the alt thread. 2) That person was going by a name even I didn't recognize so I couldn't help him out.
You can just ask. ASK. There really is nothing wrong with asking who "user" is or you can just ask any of the mods to help or alt check. There really is nothing wrong with asking mods. We're not here to just mod. We're here to help in other ways as well and that's what I hate. You guys think we're just here for modding and watching out for the chat.

Originally Posted by Pachy View Post
I strongly recommend that the staff do not consider limiting users alts. While it might seem to improve things for some users; it would ruin the positive experiences that many more users have had thus far. While I myself get confused from time to time about who is who; I believe we can address this problem quickly and efficiently so that all can have an enjoyable experience.
The above statement is true. If you (you = everyone) stay on the server for quite and while and get to know us better you'd know who is who. For example Gero doesn't have perfect grammar; Slate uses quite a lot of dots; I omg quite a lot; etc. It would also be sad to limit alts since whats the point of "change username" if you limit alts. I'm ok with maybe 1 or 2 alts every 2 weeks so you won't get confused and stuff but limiting it completely is a bit too strict.

Originally Posted by .Aero View Post
Not to mention the complaining about ugly colors. Stop caring. Seriously.
I don't see anything wrong in colors. I mean people have favorite colors and colors they hate so if they want to change a color then why not? Also I think the alt threads isn't really helping since there's a lot of users and it's quite disorganized in a way.

Originally Posted by Forever View Post
99% of the time I don't alt check, simply because 1) I'm lazy, but 2) because it's also so I can relate more to those that are confused and don't know.
Now Nica who's fault is that? It's not our fault you are lazy. I mean if you weren't lazy you would probably know who we are.

Right now on the server, I have no clue who Ghetsis, 2manyalts, Priyanshu, Rizona and AlTzRcOnFuZiNg are.
You can't even see what they post? Ghetsis is obviously Sonic cause he was posting about some sonic music, Rizona is Gero because you can tell by his grammar (not implying anything bad js)

So tl;dr my suggestion: One alt a week, you must post in the thread (wolf and I can PM all the server regulars to let them know to post in the thread since I'm 99% sure barely anyone knows of it) when you change, and one post per person. Instead of being in a list format, people just ctrl+f a username, and whoever posted it is the person who owned it. So say, like,

[Avatar] Forever

Week 1: skylight / iSkylight
Week 2: Resolute Keldeo
Week 3: NUNicorn Nica
Ok now that's better. It'll limit people and I just think this is quite a good solution. Sure some people will have a few negative thoughts on this but if this will help benefit the server, provide less confusion and to stop this silly debate then I agree with this.
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