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While that makes sense nica...I feel that you're forgetting some things.

...That list doesn't actually solve anything. Like, for example, someone can switch alts every single week, and people would still get confused on who they are. Unless I'm misunderstanding your post, then feel free to clarify! For me, I feel that it's something that people would find it extremely easy to circumvent, and that you and wolf would basically be powerless to do anything about it because...well, you guys are allowing it once a week, right?

If you really want to do something about it, then just have people keep their alts for a month. That way, everyone would have a reasonable amount of time to know who everyone is. Not once a week, I feel that's just way too quick. But I don't know how the other mods might feel about that.

And you've presented some very clear and thorough examples. But remember, that the difference between the analogy of "you guys changing your names irl" and this situation is that the former is more of a hassle and the latter is as easy as literally a /nick change and /reg. But I digress.
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