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Quote originally posted by Kura:
NO... Yahoo is gonna ruin it :ccc... I just know it. Yahoo mail is the ugliest ever..
This. It may not be immediate or quick; but then again being Acquired by Yahoo is a slow acting poison on most internet sites. So you'd better enjoy tumblr while you can; pretty soon it's going to be dumbed down so that they can let a swarm of angry soccer moms and other dregs of the last generation or two onto it. Expect the trolls of Answers to hop right on like a swarm of hungry fleas and brace for impact. It's going to be a bumpy ride; especially if Yahoo tries any sort of user account system merging/convergence with Tumblr and you're not going to like the outcome, even if you have two separate accounts.

But seriously. I'm not worried, I've never cared for Tumblr all that much as a platform; it's like livejournal all over again. And well, we all know how that goes, it was cool one dayyear and not the next. The next big thing will hopefully be more interesting.
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