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Primrose Rawlins

Primrose ate both her hot dogs at a slow pace as she thought over what Teashi said. Sure she could go with him, it sounded like fun, plus she'd been here to long, to many memories. Plus her dad would have been psyched about it. Though his comment about it being dangerous and how it wouldn't be easy to protect himself and someone else made her cross her arms. A part of her also felt sad, if she said she didn't want to go it would mean someone else would be leaving her, since he only said he was staying a few days. "I can protect myself just fine, I've been trained on how to fight with daggers since I was three" she looked up at him. "Though, I think I'll go with you." she left the words 'I'm tired of being alone' out of what she was saying, though she was sure Teashi understood what she hadn't said.