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Alright all, I have just submitted the IC thread, so when that gets accepted read it over and then you can do one or more of the following:

1) Interact with the NPCs I have set up. Pretty much I have set up a base personality for them, but you can have them act however you wish. Just make sure you stay consistent, say if someone meets a NPC and has them act well mannered, but when you meet him you decide he acts evil or such. Don't do that, make sure it is consistent.

2) Interact with each other. Maybe you two have rooms next to each other? Perhaps you have already met while waiting for the day of the meeting? You can do joint posts if you wish.

3) Discuss appearance since this is the first time we'll be seeing your characters. Talk about what items they use to travel with, talk about clothing or color of fur or feathers or such. Do they have scars? What color eyes do they have?

4) Go to where the meet up is taking place and find the quest giver in the tavern to find out what exactly it is you need to do with these goblins.

What you may not do:

1) Have suddenly lucky things happen. AKA: Unicorn appears out of nowhere and you are best friends with it and you come across a genies that grants you three wishes! Nothing spontaneous like this.

2) Have the scenery change. I described what the scenery looks like, if it's suddenly sunny outside or the building are all perfect looking then it is against continuity.

Apart from that, those are just ideas. If you want to try doing something else then feel free to do so! If you feel as if I might have a problem with it then PM it to me! Nothing wrong with asking the GM.
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