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Originally Posted by Aerilyn View Post
This was a good episode! Unfortunately, it was more than a week ago since it aired, so my memory of what happened are a bit fuzzy. One thing I do recall though was the VA for Ghetsis and oh my was that terrible. Colress, on the other hand, had the perfect VA.

It was nice to see Looker again, and I was pleasantly surprised by his appearance. I'm kind of unaware of the events that happen during this arc, so I had no idea it was Looker who was hiding under that costume. Team Rocket can certainly learn from him.

Another plus to this episode was Evil!Pikachu. It's always a treat when you see Pikachu playing the bad guy.
I will say this in short so that You could understand about Looker. The reason he came back was just to arrest Team Plasma and prevent their dangerous plots. Also I am a bit surprised why you did not liked Ghetsis's appearance?
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