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I guess while this is still going on, I'll throw my opinion in. It's kind of sad that we have to argue over something so simple like alts. Honestly in general, I find it ridiculous when people go up into an uproar just because of one tiny rule change. I'm not going to point the finger at anybody but frankly, it's just irritating sometimes. Then again not everyone will be happy with the changes, but all the complaining at times does get annoying. Just my opinion. If you actually wanted my opinion on this whole alts thing however...

I agree with Aero. and a few of the others honestly. At first I thought this idea was ridiculous and that we should leave it the way it is, but having skimmed through all the arguments, honestly I can understand what people are fed up about. People say that even if you don't have altcheck, you can just ask somebody on who they are. But what happens if you have to ask that same person, several times a day? In the end, it just gets frustrating and rather confusing.

I can understand that people want to express themselves, their emotions and anything else, but changing names five thousand times a day just gets out of hand. I say we limit alts a bit- such as two alts a day? I don't know something like that- but honestly I want to see some sort of limit on alts.

Those who break the limit? Enforcing disciplinary action on them is just cruel- for such a simple thing like that. So I'm still trying to figure that out, but like what Jelli said I just hope users can accept the limit and follow the guidelines.

In general, I support most of the arguments here- you can't automatically know who someone is by the way they type. Yes there are a few obvious hints such as the emoticons they use and maybe their grammar/punctuation but other than that people can't always be in the same mood and they might change their style. So yeah that recognising people by the way they type thing isn't that true. Although I can see what you're getting at!

In general my opinion on this is enforce some sort of limit on alts but also not get too strict/harsh in the process if that makes sense. Anyway that's just my opinion- but I could probably be convinced that this whole limiting alts thing is a bad idea, if someone provided good reasons with evidence to back it up.
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