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Quote originally posted by KagamiChan:
I realize I've fallen behind with updating the lists & all, but I'm having finals next week so I've been busy studying & whatnot >u<
I'll update when I get enough free time to do it
and yeah, all of your previous runs will be on the list too.

Oh I see :o
Good luck with your Exams!
Just look in my sig to see what I did so far, it's there so
I'm not counting the Emerald run I did before just yet...
Since the save file was corrupted I couldn't finish it properly...
Though the description said it's finished once I beat Wallace...
But what about Steven then? I never beat him...
Of course I did beat Wallace, so if it counts, it was the Ice Age run


Small Update

part 2

Beat Brawly and got the Knuckle Badge!
Time to head to Slateport!
Sold all the X-Attack Zooky had picked up,
and bought 2 Iron for Bram!
Beat Brendan and Wally,
and Buzz evolved!

Stone Badge - Knuckle Badge

Marshtomp lvl 23, Modest / Torrent
Linoon lvl 25, Rash / Pick-Up
Breloom lvl 23, Naive / Effect Spore

Quote originally posted by Hinokage:
Dude, no. I'm over 1000 eggs in and I'm not giving up. We're...not giving up. We're way too deep in at this point and we deserve our shiny. This has been a message from your local Masuda Method Breeding support group.
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