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Quote originally posted by RoreyG:
Hope that goes for me too. Good luck with your exams; I myself just completed final exams so I can sympathize.
Yeah, that goes for everybody. And thank you xD Last semester I wasn't that ready and failed 2 exams, but I got ready properly this time xD

Quote originally posted by Meri:
Oh I see :o
Good luck with your Exams!
Just look in my sig to see what I did so far, it's there so
I'm not counting the Emerald run I did before just yet...
Since the save file was corrupted I couldn't finish it properly...
Though the description said it's finished once I beat Wallace...
But what about Steven then? I never beat him...
Of course I did beat Wallace, so if it counts, it was the Ice Age run
I'll count that run as well. I don't expect people to beat Steven in Emerald. Emerald's a lot of work as it is, with the 2 teams and the 3 legendaries and whatnot.
And thank you for the best wishes ^-^

I tried checking the thread every day so I know where I left off with the updates and all don't worry. All those that started and completed runs since my last update of the first post are gonna be on the appropriate lists.
Btw, I'm really happy that you guys like this challenge <3
I am proud of it and happy, because it's a challenge various members of the community helped build up. From 3 Eras that the original thread had, to 14 after I took over. So yeah, I'm proud of this challenge and I once again wish to thank all the people that brought their contribution to it and to all the people playing it <3

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