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Final team for Fire Monotype:


Charizard is sure a classic. Ignis rocked everybody, that's sure. He was really overleveled since he was the only Pokemon I had til' I got to Celadon which is fourth badge and an easy one for my fire types. He got Fly, Flamethrower, Dig and Slash. He was also the only one with a secondary type. MVP.

He was weak since he doesn't get Flamethrower until later levels. But when he evolved, he was a beast. If he didn't took all that time to evolve, he would be MVP, but he was still good anyway.

She was a good supporter overall. Toxic+Confuse Ray+Reflect+Flamethrower combo was really good. I am going to use her again next time.

I am really going to reduce the number of Pokemon I use in the next challenges. They were good, but they didn't do anything special. Charizard had flying type, Arcanine had monster special, Ninetales was supportive. But Gallops and Inferno were really the same, and they had nothing special.

Flareon is really waste of a Rare Eevee and a Fire Stone. Never gonna use Flareon again. LVP.

Flying monotype didn't change yet. Next monotype is....
Ghost! Creepy isn't it? Going to hack a Gastly as starter, then get a second from Pokemon Tower.
Kanto Ultimate Monotype:

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