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Here we go :3
Congratulations to Spritingyoshi on both the Roselia and the Bidoof (sort of?XD) can't wait to see the video!
Congratulations Iceman on the Eevee (so jealous!)
Kirozane, that sucks if it did happen ): Hopefully it was just your eyes though. More impotantly hopefully you'll find your Piplup soon!
Welcome welcome LDD, nice to see you again, remember me? Haha! Congratulations on the Bouffalant, it's nice to break a drough!

Good luck to everyone going through tough hunts at the moment. I know the feels, just remember, those shinies will turn up!
Welcome to SimplySam and C Dillinger too!
And Pokewalker, yeah, on 4th gen (and upwards?) it does actually effect egg hatching, as egg hatching comes under IRNG and not RNG. Whenever you turn off your game your shiny frame resets, so unless you get a frame within the 100 eggs or whatever you hatch before you turn off (and with 1/2044 odds that isn't likely) you won't get the shiny. However if your frame is 1500, you have to hatch them all in one DS being on period. This can backfire if your frame is, say, 5000. Hope that helped XD

I'm getting 100 eggs a day done. At 2670 so far...

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