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Originally Posted by LaDestitute View Post
The natural grass seems kind of sparse. Try adding more variation in, or recoloring the default grass tuft that the base FR rom uses. The type of tree that's to the right of the Pokecenter, I don't like how their all grouped into one large pile. It just doesn't seem natural at all. I agree with Shadowraze on the water. I'm not sure how the player is able to access those caves, unless you scripted in something custom. The much smaller body of water also looks a bit too bright. I see a bunch of tiling errors up on the mountain. Even if this is PNG, it still looks a bit blurry.

The map looks decent but it could use a lot more work.

Map name: Charge Town
Game: FireRed
Hack name: Pokemon MysticAurelian Version

Player's hometown. I like an opinion on the palettes I'm using.

Map name: Route 1
Game: FireRed
Hack name: Pokemon MysticAurelian Version

First route in the rom hack's region. Next town is to the north, a wild-life reserve is to the south (think of it like the Great Marsh or Safari, minus the entry gate/entry fees, so it's more like the ranch in B/W), and Charge Town to the east. I like an opinion on the palettes I'm using.
Map: Charge Town
Rating: 6/10
Suggestions: I thought that you did a good job on the outer editing of the map, but that sign to the North seems a bit misplaced. Unless it has a reason for being there, its location doesn't seem like it will be generally visited, and rather visited for the sake of actually reading the sign. It could be placed closer to the center of town or closer to the entrance. Also, the actual town itself is essentially the same. As for the tiles, the trees look somewhat spaced out, and a bit too close to the color of the grass. With these changes, it'd be pretty appealing map.

Map: Route 1
Rating: 8/10
Suggestions: Great and original design. However, one space wide paths are generally seen as bad mapping, so you might want to expand those. Also, the distance traveled by bridge over water is barely exceeded by the trouble taken to traverse the land directly adjacent to it. Maybe consider elongating the bridge, or removing it altogether. Not too much criticism, great map.

Map Name: Furthen Path
Game: Fire Red (Custom Tiles)
Hack: Pokemon: Legend of Azeon
Comments: I was digging around my files, and found this map. It was the first ones I had ever made, but I decided to implement it in one of my hacks. In the Northwestern corner of the map, there are several trainers. Each gives a reward after beaten. In context, these people are known as the "Campers". Two visible items are found throughout the map, as well as several cleverly hidden items.


Thanks for rating.
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