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I love shiny Pokemon! The epic shiny animation is probably the main reason why I'm so fascinated by shiny Pokemon. My first wild shiny was a shiny Weedle. Yeah yeah, I know his shiny color is still quite yellow and he isn't the greatest Pokemon. I absolutely love shiny Beedrill's color scheme, though. Green and blue rock. <3 My second wild shiny was a shiny Grimer, but unfortunately, she fled. For some reason, several Pokemon had this random chance to flee. Bummer!

This all happened in Crystal. I also hatched several shinies from the Odd Egg from the daycare couple. I know I hatched a shiny male Igglybuff. He was really cool, but I never evolved him. Yay having a level 40 baby Pokemon! I want to say that I also hatched a shiny Elekid in another play through, but since the colors were so similar, I can't really remember if it was shiny or not.
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