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Quote originally posted by nottooldforthis:
New pokes would be nice, what about legendary's from previous gens with a 1% chance like dragonite was? Also better items lucky egg, master ball, and other held items
It would be really weird to see legendaries show up in hidden grottos. They're name implies that they are very hard/near impossible to find. Hence the name "legendary" (i.e. they exist in legend and not many people have seen them in their entire life or at all.) I mean, come on colud you imagine just walking into the woods and finding a hidden grotto with dialga in it? I'd be like, "the guardian and master of space is sitting in between a few trees??? What's it doing here!?" lol ^__^

As for the items, yeah, I'd love to see lucky eggs, master balls, focus sash's and others become availible to find.

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