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Since this was apparently off-topic where I put it before, I thought I'd bring it up in its own thread; it kinda does deserve its own discussion.

In B/W/B2/W2, the Dream World was created; this, as you no doubt know (unless you're green to the series and this is your first round), is a PC-based world that you enter by putting your Pokémon to sleep, and then moving to the PC for an hour or however long you choose to hang around to play within that time period.

When B2/W2 came out, the DW got a revamp, going so far as to add Pokémon that could not be found in the B/W DW, but also keeping some Pokémon exclusive to the B/W DW. While Generation VI is going to come to pass, I am sure it would be absolutely silly to try to "turn off" the DW and make it no more good - at least for a few years. This makes me think they're going to continue to use the "PC-based" mechanic - even if not the DW, but some genetics-based thing involving an alternate dimension - that will be home to the alternate-nature versions of the newest Pokémon and even more Pokémon not currently found in the B/W/B2W2 DW.

So let's discuss what you think they'll do with their PC-based addition to the Pokémon world. How will the Dream World be expanded/redone for Generation VI?

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