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Freeze city

As April explained about the old geezer who could possibly try to kill her again after his last failure, Bleaz said that he would take him out. April found it almost sweet and smiled a little, starting to trust this interesting human a little bit more. She watched as he took a few items and equiped them. April didn't need any weapons to protect herself, she had her fangs and her claws.

Bleaz explained her a little bit why he lived on the streets. He only said that his mother had died a few years ago but it was understandable why he would be living on the streets because of that. April felt like cheering him up a little bit because he looked kind of sad but she didn't really knew how to do that. "You know... my parents were killed when I was just a cub." April suddenly mentioned. The loss of her parents had influenced her a lot in everything she did for a few years. She was afraid of loving someone because they would only be taken away again just like her parents and the humans who had cared for her. She wasn't going to mention the humans who had cared for her though, Bleaz would probably think she had lived like a dog and treat her like one if she did that.

Bleaz suddenly mentioned about hunting down some rabbits. "What...? Ofcourse I like hunting! I mean... those are my wolf instincts." April commented. She walked in front of him but suddenly got an idea and stopped. "Hey... I know a restaurant here that sells great meals." April turned around to look at Bleaz. "If we could only try to help out someone in trouble, or find someone who has gone missing... we could go eat there." April suggested. The only problem was... there was no one who had been gone missing in days... atleast, not long enough for their relatives to start spreading around the news and promising money for the person who can find that missed human. "I'm pretty known by that restaurant so i'm sure we won't have to reserve a table... we just need to find someone who has been gone missing... I can find that person with ease."