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#3 Update for Monoground - Gold

-done beginning stuff
-caught a femaleon Route 46
-grinded to LV8
-caught aand traded it for Nixy the Male
-grindedto LV7

: difficulty 2/5
*easy enough with two Rock Pokemon

-caught a femaleon Route 32
-done Union Cave and Slowpoke's Well

: difficulty 5/5
*with my LV17I couldn's killwithout the using's Rock Throw

-defeated the Rival
-done the wood and various Routes
-taught Ice Punch and Headbutt toand
-evolved intoat National Park

: difficulty 1/5
*'s Screechx2 on bothandand they died quite fast

-with Ice Punch gone to Sprout Tower and finished it
-defeated Kimono Girls
-defeated Rival at Burnt Tower
: difficulty 0/5
*'s Dig OHKO everyone

-done the Lighthouse
-done the water Routes

: difficulty 0/5
*just learnt Earthquake and killed it really fast

: difficulty 0/5
*Earthquake worked here too

-continuing to the Lake of Rage
-defeated Rocket's Hideout

: difficulty 0/5
*difficult forso I changed strategy to Earthquake,OHKO everyone

-done Radio Tower quest
-caught a female
-grinded a lot to LV35

: difficulty 2/5
died to Surfs soEarthquaked everything xD

-done Victory Road and defeated rival
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