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Originally Posted by shubham2207 View Post
if gf is gunna make fennekin fire/fight, then make it a defensive pokemon. I really loved scrafty. He had great movepool and a gud ability, moxie.
What do you mean by this? Scrafty is more of an offensive Pokemon than a defensive, iirc. oO

Originally Posted by Krookodile777 View Post
Yeah making them evolve into half new types like Fire/Fairy would be great

The information I read (That came from a source who correctly gave the names of 4 new pokemon before they were officially released) had also mentioned a few other new types

I think there was like, Sound type, Cosmic, and Magic in addition to Fairy

I think Fairy & Magic were possibly the same type and I confused something though

So what if....

Fennekin : Fire/Fairy
Froaki : Water/Cosmic
Chespin : Grass/Sound
I disagree with this, but I'd rather let Suicune's quote do the talking for me. xD;

I think if they're going to introduce a type, it will only be the single type and I doubt any of the starters will gain that as a second type.
While new types are an amazing thing and all in concept...must there be so many of them to add? If anything, there'll just be one type to add in this generation, seeing as literally no other type warrants nerfing whatsoever other than dragons. Any more would really just clutter up the type chat and it'll just be a redundant addition, at least in my eyes. o.o;

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