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Ultimate Monotype Challenge: Water || Kanto

Number of Badges: 8 + Hall of Fame (fudge yeah!)

Update 3:
  • Caught a Slowpoke, and grinded to Slowbro.
  • Bought a Water Stone for Poliwhirl's evolution.
  • Done Silph Co. quest beating Rival's team again.
  • Liberated Saffron from Team Rocket and got the Marsh Badge from Sabrina.
  • Got amulet Coin and Vs. Seeker (two key items I forgot to grab O_O).
  • Grinded my mon's to mid forties.
  • Flew to pallet town (using a pidgey) and swam towards Cinnabar
  • caught a tentacool
  • Went to Seafoam Islands and defeated Articuno for a bunch of exp.
  • Did the Cinnabar mansion quest and some grinding
  • Defeated Blaine and got the Volcano Badge
  • Went to Sevii Islands. Did a bunch of things, but mostly grinding.
  • Decided to take on Moltres.
  • Tentacool evolution! Yeah. Team completed.
  • Went back to main Kanto Region and defeated Giovani once and for all.
  • Defeated Zapdos.
  • Grinded my team from early to mid-sixties, and went on to the Pokemon League.
  • Defeated them one by one. Including rival.

There we go. Now for my team.


Blastoise || Level 65
- Surf
- Brick Break
- Bite
- Earthquake

Gyarados || Level 62
- Surf
- Thunderbolt
- Bite
- Twister

Vaporeon || Level 64
- Shadow Ball
- Return
- Ice Beam
- Surf

Poliwrath || Level 60
- Hypnosis
- Brick Break
- Body Slam
- Surf

Slowbro || Level 66
- Surf
- Psychic
- Flamethrower
- Amnesia

Tentacruel || Level 60
-Giga Drain

Yay for done! Moving on to Johto run!

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